Blackboard Welcome Page Update

We are improving the welcome page in Learn.UQ (Blackboard) to provide a more modern and intuitive navigation for all UQ students and staff.

Blackboard welcome page update

What is happening?

From Sunday 20 November 2022 all students and staff will see a new Welcome Page when they log in to Learn.UQ (Blackboard).

The updated Welcome Page 'Ultra Base Navigation' is a modern, intuitive navigation menu that lives outside of courses. It includes links to new pages such as Activity Stream, Calendar and Marks (Grades) that collate information from all your courses in one place.

The first time you access the updated Weclome Page three generic Blackboard messages will be displayed "Welcome to the new Blackboard!", "Never lose your place." and "Your work has been saved.". These messages can be ignored and will not be displayed again.

Information and resources on updated and new functionality will be provided before Semester 1 2023.

What does this mean for me?

  • Your courses will not change. They will look and operate exactly as they do now.
  • Starting Sunday 20 November 2022, you will see the new navigation as soon as you log in to Learn.UQ (Blackboard).
  • The Welcome Page default to showing the Courses page with a list of all the courses you are enrolled in.

How will this enhance my online learning experience?

  • Modern, intuitive user experience.You will enjoy the simple and engaging interface.
  • Works well on mobile devices. This navigation is designed to work well on mobile phones and tablets and will be consist across all platforms.
  • Collates important information. All your course and organisation information - like activity stream, calendar and marks (grades) - will be consolidated into one view.