Access your courses from the Learn.UQ welcome page.

Course structure and main menu

All of your course content is available through the left side menu. The menu has different views and is collapsible so feel free to adjust it as you like.

The Announcements page of a Learn.UQ course.

Course content

All Learn.UQ courses are slightly different based on your course co-ordinator. You may find links to:

  • Announcements - Important information from your course instructors. Most courses display announcements as the default screen in a course
  • Course Profile - An important document including course description, contacts, assessment details and more
  • Learning Materials and Resources -  Lecture notes, lecture recordings, tutorial and practical pages, presentations, documents, web links, etc.
  • Assessment items - Assignments, quizzes, and tests, including online assignment submission
  • The UQ Library - Links to My Library (personalised home page), learning resources, exam papers, etc.
  • Collaboration tools - Tools such as the Discussion Board, Blogs, Wikis and Email. How these tools are used and assessed is up to your course co-ordinator