1. Go to https://echo360.net.au.
  2. Enter your student email (i.e. s1234567@student.uq.edu.au) into the Email textbox and click on the Sign In button.

email field highlighted

  1. Select The University of Queensland from the Institution drop down and click on the Sign In button.

the university of queensland field highlighted

  1. In the main menu, click on Create and select New Browser Capture

Create new browser capture

  1. If prompted, click on the Allow button in the pop-up to provide Echo360 with access to your camera and microphone.

Allow button highlighted

  1. Enter a title in the Title textbox (e.g. s1234567 Video Assignment).
  2. Select the correct webcam from the Camera dropdown. 

Note: If you only want to record audio, select None

title and camera options highlighted

  1. Optionally, click on the Settings button and select a virtual background. 

Tip: Select Blur if you would like to avoid your surroundings being captured in detail.

virtual background options

  1. Optionally, click on the Add Screen button to share your screen.
  2. Select either a WindowApp or Screen and click on the Share button.

Note: Once you have selected the screen you would like to share, you will need to navigate back to the Echo360 settings window to finish setup and begin recording.

Add screen button highlighted

  1. Select the correct microphone from the Microphone drop down.

microphone options highlighted

  1. Click on the REC button to begin recording.

Record button highlighted

  1. To pause the recording, click on the Pause button.

pause button highlighted

  1. To resume the recording after pausing, click on the Pause button again.

resume button higlighted

  1. If you would like to discard the recording and start again, click on the Discard (X icon) button.


  1. Once you have finished recording, click on the Stop button. 

Warning: Once you stop the recording, the video will begin processing and you will be unable to resume recording.

stop button highlighted

  1. Your video will then begin processing and will be available in your Echo360 gallery shortly for submission.
  2. You can close the window while your video processes.

recording processing screen

  1. For step-by-step instructions on how to submit your audio or video, refer to the Submit a video assignment with EchoVideo or Submit a video journal entry with EchoVideo Ultra guides.