Inspera Assessment is an online assessment tool used in courses at UQ. Inspera has a wide range of question types, accessibility provisions, and assessment in non-English speaking languages. Inspera is cloud-based, works with a device with an up-to-date browser, and caches your responses so that you will not lose your assessment if you experience internet instability.

Log in to Inspera Assessment

Assessment throughout the semester

For assessment tasks other than exams:

  • Log into Inspera via Learn.UQ (Blackboard).
  • You will find the link in the relevant assessment folder in your course. As you will already be logged into Learn.UQ (Blackboard), you will automatically be logged into Inspera.

Mid-semester and end-of-semester exams

  • Log directly into Inspera Assessment using your UQ login
  • We recommend that you log in prior to your examination date as it can simplify your on-the-day process if you are already logged in or know how to log in.
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On-campus invigilated exams in Inspera

On-campus invigilated exams in Inspera explains how to use Safe Exam Browser for assessments in Inspera.

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Device requirements

  • Recommended browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Make sure your browser is updated to the latest version.
  • UQ recommends using PCs and Mac laptops with the latest operating system installed but these earlier versions are still supported: Windows 7, 8.1/8.2, 10; macOS 10.12 and newer.

Check Inspera System requirements to make sure that your device meets the required specifications and view the full supported list of operating systems.

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Get familiar with Inspera

The Inspera assessment demo test will help you get familiar with some of the types of questions available within Inspera and its features. As this is a demo test, you can complete it multiple times. No details of how many times you have completed the test will be recorded and your answers will not be stored.

Access the Inspera assessment demo test

Note: You do not need to log in to do the demo test.

Students in courses using Inspera will also have an opportunity to practice completing any additional types of question types which are relevant to their course.

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Check when assessments are scheduled

Assessments throughout the semester

  • Your Electronic Course Profile (ECP) will have details about the assessment you need to complete in your course.
  • Further information will be available in the Assessment folder in your Learn.UQ (Blackboard) course.

Mid-semester and end-of-semester exams

Centrally timetabled exams

For your centrally timetabled exams, refer to your Personal Exam Timetable for the date, time and location of your exam.

To access your exam:

  1. Go to your Inspera dashboard at Inspera Assessment
  2. Click the My tests tab.

You can enter the exam at the start date and time (not before).

The title, start date and time, time limit and a Click here to get ready button will be on the entry page in the My tests tab.
The start and end date for your exam will show on the My tests tab. Click for a larger version of the image.

The start and end date/time for your exam shown in Inspera is the date/time the exam will start according to the local time set on your computer. For example, if an exam commences at 11:00 am in Brisbane, but you are located in Perth, which is 2 hours behind Brisbane, the time shown in Inspera will be 9:00 am. 

On-campus invigilated exams

On-campus invigilated exams in Inspera explains how to use Safe Exam Browser. You will not be able to commence the exam until you have been provided with the Safe Exam Browser password in the exam venue.

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Additional time to complete an assessment

If you have approved additional time for an assessment, you can view your additional time on your Inspera dashboard under My tests.

The dashboard under My Tests will show exam start time, standard end time, standard time limit (including planning time), approved extra time and adjusted exam end time
The dashboard under My tests will show the exam time details. Click to view a larger image.

Find out more about:

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Different time zones

If you are located outside of Australia, you may be scheduled to commence your exam at a different time.

In Inspera:

  • the end time shown will be consistent with your scheduled end time, but
  • the start time shown may be earlier than your scheduled start time.

The standard time limit will still apply. Be sure to allow yourself sufficient time to complete the exam before the end time.


  • The end time is 10:10AM
  • Your time limit is 2 hours and 10 minutes.
  • You should commence your exam no later than 8:00AM.
10AM. The standard time limit (including planning time) still applies e.g. Time limit is 2 hours, 10 minutes
The dashboard under My tests will show the exam time details. Click to view a larger image.
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Answers are automatically saved

Inspera automatically saves your progress at regular intervals.

If the bottom navigation bar has been enabled on your assessment, the questions you have interacted with will show a blue line along the top:

The navigation bar shows question numbers
The bottom navigation bar will show a blue line on questions you have interacted with.

The summary page at the end of your assessment also indicates if there are any unattempted questions in your assessment:

The summary page shows the total number of questions, the number of unattempted questions and any flagged questions.
The summary page will show if you have any unattempted questions.


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Submitting assessments

At home assessments

When completing an assessment at home, Inspera will auto-submit your answers at the designated test end time, even if you have NOT clicked the Submit now button.

The message - You submitted a few seconds ago - appears after you submit your at home test.
When you submit your at home test, a message will show that is has been submitted. Click for a larger version of the image.

If you have NOT submitted your at home assessment by the test end time, a message will appear on your screen:

This message will show - Timed out! Test window is closed. You have submitted. You can now return to your Dashboard. Back to Dashboard button
Your at home test will auto-submit at the test end time. Click for a larger version of the image.

On-campus invigilated assessment

You have to manually submit your assessment if you are taking an on-campus invigilated exam in Inspera.

Do NOT forget to click Submit now, once you are happy with your answers, to finish your assessment.

You will need to do this to be able to exit Safe Exam Browser. Once you have clicked the Submit now button you can no longer edit your responses.

This message will show - Timed out! Ready to submit? You have (insert number) unattempted questions. All questions (insert number) Not attempted (insert number). Submit now button.
You must click Submit now at the end time of your on-campus invigilated exam. Click for a larger version of the image.
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Accessing assessment feedback

You can see your feedback on your Inspera Student Dashboard once your Course Coordinator has released it. You cannot access your Inspera dashboard through Learn.UQ (Blackboard). You need to:

  1. Log into Inspera Assessment using your UQ login
  2. Click Archive, on the Inspera dashboard, to view the results of any assessments you have taken
  3. Click See more details on the relevant assessment
Click Archive, then See more details to access your assessment
Access your assessment feedback on the Inspera dashboard.
View without downloading or Download as a PDF for your submission, written or audio feedback will appear as a link under Explanation if available, a View Report option may be enabled,
After you click See more details, you may have options for viewing your submission, written or audio feedback or a marks report.
  1. If the Course Coordinator has enabled Post-submission review, you will have options to view your assessment submission by clicking View without downloading or Download as PDF.
  2. Explanation: Overall test written feedback will appear here. Audio feedback will be available as a link to listen to or save.
  3. Student Report: If the Course Coordinator has enabled the Student Report, you will have the option to click View Report. The student report may contain written feedback, with links to view the comments with your responses. The report will also have the marks achieved overall and per question and section. If bands and criteria were used, the scores and criteria achieved will display in the report. View a sample student report (PDF, 11KB).

When scores/grades are available they will also appear in your Learn.UQ (Blackboard) course site under My Grades. 

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Access to a laptop

If you don’t have access to a suitable device for your studies or the Inspera Assessment, you may be able to:

Note: Additional laptops may be available at exam venues, if you experience technical difficulties on the exam day.

Please fill out Technical Support Requests for Inspera On-Campus Exams form.

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Diversity, Disability, and Inclusion

If you have a disability, mental health or medical condition, illness, injury or exceptional circumstance, there are services available to assist you in your studies, including for doing assessments in Inspera. Students with primary carer responsibilities may also be eligible for services.

You can meet with one of the Diversity, Disability, and Inclusion Advisers to discuss your options. Diversity, disability and inclusion has information about the services available.

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Get support

Contact AskUs for technical support for any issues you experience with your assessment in Inspera.

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