The Learning Pathway is a navigational interface in Blackboard course sites that provides you with direct access to what you need to do in the course, with a clear visual roadmap to help you stay on track.

The Learning Pathway is a study guide with recommendations on how you should work through the course.  It serves as a scaffold for learning, providing steps and/or list for you to follow, by organising resources and tasks in a way that you can "see" a pathway to achieve the learning objectives.

When you click on the course title, you will land on a Learning Pathway page with the 4 areas:

  1. Assessments. 
  2. Announcements.
  3. Learning Pathway.
  4. Activities Overview (optional - you will only see it if your Course Coordinator enables it).

general view of learning pathway

Note: If you get any error messages, please click on the Learning Pathway link in the course menu.