The Learn.UQ course archive

The Course Archive System gives you access to your past courses for the duration of your degree.

  • Courses for the current year and the past year are available in Learn.UQ
  • Courses run over the prior four years will be available in the Course Archive System. Archived courses are available to students and guests who were originally enrolled in that course

Archived courses include:

  • course content items
  • announcements
  • discussion boards, blogs and wikis

Archived courses do not include:

  • user specific data such as group information
  • Turnitin assignments
  • Blackboard assignments
  • Your grades

Access an archived course

  • Go to the Course Archive System
  • Select the semester in which the course was run
  • Log-in with your Student ID (e.g. s1234567) and password 
  • Search for your course using CTRL+F (Windows) or CMD+F (MAC)
  • Click the linked course title

Select the course from the right hand list.