What is 'my ePortfolio'?

An ePortfolio is an online collection of evidence that can be used to record your learning journey, illustrate your employability skills, and document experiences such as volunteering and work experience. my ePortfolio can be used to collate and curate important artefacts of your personal, professional and learning journey, collecting these to showcase yourself as an emerging professional. my ePortfolio can also be used to reflect, helping you identify skills, strengths and your areas of greatest challenge. You can also use my ePortfolio to produce your own professional ePortfolios to assist with employability.

Depending upon your course or discipline, you may be using an ePortfolio to track your development of professional skills or graduate attributes. 

The UQ ePortfolio system also includes a Collaboration Workspace tool. Workspaces are collaborative or shared environments that contain portfolios, artefacts and discussions.

Do I have access to the UQ ePortfolio system?

If you are using an ePortfolio in your program / discipline, you automatically have access to create additional personal professional style ePortfolios.

If you are currently not using an ePortfolio in your program / discipline you can setup an account by clicking on a link in the my ePortfolio account setup UQ.Learn (Blackboard) course which you can access in the left hand panel of the Blackboard Welcome page.

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