What is an ePortfolio?

An ePortfolio is an online collection of evidence that shows your learning journey over time. An ePortfolio may be used in your program or discipline to track your development of professional skills or graduate attributes. UQ uses the Chalk&Wire ePortfolio system.

The ePortfolio also includes a Collaboration Workspace tool. Workspaces are collaborative or shared environments that contain portfolios, artefacts and discussions. 

If you are using an ePortfolio in your course or discipline you also have access to 'my ePortfolio': a tool to create new personal ePortfolios to showcase yourself as a professional.

Does my program / discipline use an ePortfolio?

Details on whether your program / discipline will be using an ePortfolio is available in your individual course Electronic Course Profile (ECP). This document is usually available within your Learn.UQ course, detailing course assessment, method of submission and other essential information.

If you are required to develop an ePortfolio, your instructors will set up ePortfolio links within relevant courses in your program / discipline. The ePortfolio link may be visible from the start of semester or appear within your course just prior to the due date.

Recommended browser for ePortfolio

For Windows users: Latest version of Google Chrome.

For MAC users: Latest version of Safari.

How do I activate or renew an ePortfolio account?

While studying at UQ your ePortfolio account will be paid for by the University. To activate or renew your ePortfolio account you will need to click on the ePortfolio links found within your Learn.UQ course site and accept the user agreement.

Work with your ePortfolio

Add content

Submit work

Work with Journals

View Results and Reports

Alumni Access

Program Specific guides

ePortfolio quick start guide by Chalk&Wire.