Adding Journal entries

To add journal entries please refer to the ePortfolio Journal student guide.

Attach journal entries to a page

  1. Click on the ePortfolio link in your Learn.UQ (Blackboard) course.
  2. Click on the ADD CONTENT button and select Journal Entries from the drop-down menu.

Add content and Journal Entries circled

  1. Click on an Insert Content Here icon.

Insert content here circled

  1. Choose the required Journal from your list of journal sources.

Journal sources circled

  1. Select the entries you wish to attach to your page. These are listed by the date of entry into the journal in US date format (YYYY-MM-DD)
  2. Once selected (highlighted blue), click on the Add Selected button.

Entries and add selected button circled

  1. To remove an entry from your chosen list, click to highlight the entry and click the Delete Selected button.

Entry circled and delete selected button circled

  1. When finished click on the Done button.

Done button circled

  1. Your journal entries will appear on the page.

Journal entry circled on page.

Submitting your page for assessment.

To submit your page for assessment follow the required guide below: