Adding Journal entries

To add journal entries please refer to the ePortfolio Journal student guide.

Attach journal entries to a page

  • Click on the ePortfolio link in your Learn.UQ (Blackboard) course.
  • Click on the ADD CONTENT button and select Journal Entries from the menu.
  • Click on an Insert Content Here icon.
  • Choose the required Journal from your list of journals.
  • Select the entries you wish to attach to your page.
  • To remove an entry from your chosen list, click to highlight the entry and click the Delete button.
  • When finished click the Done button.
  • Your journal entries will appear on the page.

Submitting your page for assessing.

To submit your page for assessment follow the required guide below:

Video guide

ePortfolio - Attaching journal entries to a page (YouTube, 1m 51s)