This guide is designed to provide you with an overview of how you can support your external assessors in providing feedback through the ePortfolio.

Benefits of Feedback

  • Constructive feedback, whether it be positive or negative, is vital for the ongoing development of both you as a student and UQ as an institution.
  • The ability to receive and act on feedback is essential to being a productive member of the workforce.
  • Feedback can help identify areas in which you are excelling at and areas in which you may need to make improvements.
  • It also provides UQ with the chance to identify areas of the curriculum that may need to be adjusted to help develop our students into the best professionals they can be.
  • Feedback also helps strengthen relationships between students, external providers and UQ by ensuring the needs of all parties are met.

Tips for Providing Support to your External Assessor.

  • Guiding users through the use of a new software system is an advantageous employability skill to have.
  • Make sure you guide the supervisor through the system by allowing the supervisor to control the mouse.
  • Take note of the technology confidence of your supervisor to gauge how fast you can go.

Initiating and Accessing External Assessor Feedback via the ePortfolio

Tip: When assisting your external assessor, ensure that you guide them through the process without taking control of the computer. You may only need to give them an overview of the process or you may choose to complete the feedback with your external assessor.

  1. Submit your work to your external assessor. For more information, refer to the ePortfolio Submission to an external assessor guide.
  2. Once submitted, your external assessor will receive an email from Anthology Portfolio, which contains the subject line Work to Assess from UQePortfolio - Last Name, First Name (i.e. Work to Assess from UQePortfolio - Smith, John).

Note: The best way to find the email will be to search the external assessor's inbox for the subject line Work to Assess from UQePortfolio - Last Name, First Name.

Tip: Locating the email is generally the part that causes the most problems for the external assessors. If the email has not been received, refer to the Troubleshooting section of the ePortfolio Submission to an external assessor guide for further assistance.

  1. The email will contain a link to the Quick Start Guide for External Assessors and a link to the UQ ePortfolio. Encourage your external assessor to read through the Quick Start Guide for External Assessors if they are having any problems with completing your feedback.
  2. When ready, instruct the external assessor to click on the Go to UQ ePortfolio link.
  3. The external assessor must enter the email address to which they received the email and click the Login button.

Warning: The link to the UQ ePortfolio will not work in Internet Explorer, please use either Google Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge.

Confirming External Assessor Email Information

Warning: The email address is case sensitive and must match the email recorded in the ePortfolio exactly.

In the ePortfolio, the recorded email address for your external assessor can be confirmed by following these instructions: 

  1. Click on Menu > My Results.
  2. Locate your submitted assessment in the My Results screen.
  3. Left-click on the assessment and select View Assessor Info from the pop-up menu.
  4. Click on Contact Information to show the email address of your external assessor.
  5. Refer to the Troubleshooting section of the ePortfolio Submission to an external assessor guide if the email address is incorrect.

Feedback Interface

Once your external assessor has accessed the ePortfolio, there are four areas you should focus on when explaining the process of providing feedback. 

  1. Explain the assessment interface to your external assessor, including how to open and close a document/form. For more information, refer to the Review Assessment Interface guide by Chalk&Wire.
  2. Explain to your external assessor how to access the full assessment view by clicking on the 4-headed arrow at the top of the screen near the Save buttons. This is the view we recommend they use to provide your feedback.
  3. Explain how your external assessor can provide feedback for each criterion on the assessment via the drop-down menu/selectable squares and how they can provide written feedback against each criterion or overall comments.
  4. Finally, remind your external assessor that once they have completed the feedback, they need to click on the green Save button at the top of the screen.

Note: Your external assessor may wish to complete the feedback at a later date/time rather than do it together.