ePortfolios can be used to track your performance across a program or major. Outcomes may refer to learning objectives, graduate attributes, skills, professional standards or competencies.

Accessing ePortfolio Outcomes report:

  1. Enter ePortfolio through any link in your course.
  2. Click Menu.
  3. Click Dashboard.
  4. Click Performance tab.
  5. Click Outcome Performance.

Tip: You can make the Performance tab your default by clicking on the Make Default Tab icon in the top right of screen.

Viewing Outcomes report:

  1. Expand the Outcomes report by clicking on the arrow.
  2. Individual Outcomes can be expanded by clicking on each arrow.
  3. An outcome can be expanded to show the assessments that have been completed for that outcome.
  4. Expanding an Assessed outcome will allow you to view the Work you submitted on that date alternatively you can view the Details of your results and feedback. There is also a copy of the assessment instrument for your viewing.

Note: Students studying in Duel Degrees or multiple programs may have more than one outcome report.

Video Guide:

ePortfolio Outcomes Report (YouTube, 2m 58s)