Access ePortfolio Journals

  1. Enter ePortfolio through any link in your course.
  2. Click Menu
  3. Click Work
  4. Click Journals

Create a new journal

  1. Enter the name of your journal in the Name box
  2. Click on Choose Journal Template drop down box and select the required Journal
  3. Click Start New Journal
  4. Journal will launch automatically
  5. Click return to exit Journal

Tip: You only need to create the journal once.

Warning: If you select the wrong journal template, you can delete the journal prior to making any entries inside the journal.

Access an existing journal

  1. From the journals page click on the required journal form the My Journals list
  2. Journal will launch automatically

Add a journal entry:

  1. Access required journal
  2. Click New Journal Entry button.
  3. Journal entry window will open.
  4. Complete details.
  5. Click Save & Continue button at bottom of page
  6. Scroll to top and click Close button
  7. Repeat as required

Edit or Delete a journal entry

  1. Access required journal
  2. Click on Edit button to update journal entry or click delete button to delete entry

Video guide

ePortfolio - Journals (YouTube, 4m 51s)