Accessing ePortfolio Journals:

  • Enter ePortfolio through any link in your course.
  • Click Menu
  • Click Work
  • Click Journals

Creating a new journal:

  • Enter the name of your journal in the Name box
  • Click on Choose Journal Template drop down box and select the required Journal
  • Click Start New Journal
  • Journal will launch automatically
  • Click return to exit Journal

Tip: You only need to create the journal once.

Warning: If you select the wrong journal template, you can delete the journal prior to making any entries inside the journal.

Accessing an existing journal:

  • From the journals page click on the required journal form the My Journals list
  • Journal will launch automatically

Add a journal entry:

  • Access required journal
  • Click New Journal Entry button.
  • Journal entry window will open.
  • Complete details.
  • Click Choose Supervisor
  • Find your external supervisor from list or type their name in the Type here box
  • Click Done
  • Click Save & Continue button at bottom of page
  • Scroll to top and click Close button
  • Repeat as required

Edit or Delete a journal entry

  • Access required journal
  • Click on Edit button to update journal entry
  • Click delete button to delete entry

Warning: Once an external supervisor completes the sign off, you will not be able to delete or edit your entry.

Trouble shooting

If you unable to select your assessors name:

  • Check that you have the correct spelling for your assessor’s name
  • Contact your course coordinator as your assessor's name may not be in the system

If your external assessor is not receiving the email:

  • Advise them to check their junk email folder.
  • Confirm the supervisors email and forward this to your course coordinator for them to check against the email recorded inside the ePortfolio system.

Issues with viewing work on website:

Video guide

ePortfolio - Journal with external assessor sign off (YouTube, 3m 11s)