The following guides provide information on the process of completing your mid-semester, end-of-semester, deferred or supplementary Learn.UQ exam based on the exam technology listed in the exam information.

For more information on invigilated Learn.UQ exams through ProctorU, refer to the Online supervised (invigilated) exams guide.

Learn.UQ exam process

online exam process

Note: You must start submitting at the end of the exam duration.

View exam technology

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your UQ username and password
  3. Select your Learn.UQ course site from the Welcome page. 

select Learn.UQ course

  1. Select Mid-semester Exam OR End-of-semester Exam OR Def/Sup Exam from the course menu (located under Announcements).
  2. The exam information will be located in this section and will list your exam technology.

exam information location