What are Blackboard Assignments?

They are a Learn.UQ assignment submission page that allows attaching/linking multiple files including things like Excel and media.

Note: This system is separate from TurnItIn assignments.

Warning: DO NOT use drag and drop to upload an assignment file when using Safari. It may produce the error "Failed to upload Assignment. Please try again." Use an alternative web browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

Warning: DO NOT upload an assignment file when using Edge (Microsoft browser) while the original file is open on your computer. A blank copy of the file will be uploaded. Use an alternative web browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

    Important tips

    Read the instructions carefully to understand:

    • how many files you should submit, how should be named and the format required
    • how you are expected to attach or link your files
    • the method for submitting specific types of files, for example:
    • the number of times you may submit the assignment
    • information for group submissions
    • information on late assignments
    • the procedure to follow if something goes wrong with your submission or you submit the wrong file(s)

    Important submission information

    • You must click Submit to send your work for assessment. Academic staff will not see the files if you have merely saved them as a submission in progress
    • Files that are submitted CANNOT be retrieved for edit and re-submission. Once submitted they are delivered to the course co-ordinator
    • It is your responsibility to check the Submission History and confirm your assignment was successfully submitted
    • To allow for the many possible technical problems with computers, internet etc. students are advised to commence assignment uploads at least 3 hours before they are due 
      • If you don’t receive a submission id you should regard your submission as unsuccessful
      • It is your responsibility to check the assignment preview and confirm that the assignment has been successfully submitted
      • Students should make a screenshot showing the successful submission to confirm for yourself you have followed the correct process

    Group assignments

    Group assignments are a shared responsibility.

    • One person submits on behalf of the group
      • Ensure your group has organised how the assigment will be submitted
      • Have a contingency plan incase your nominated group member is unable to submit the assigment as agreed
    • All group members will be displayed as having submitted to the lecturer
    • All group members can check that the submission is complete and view the contents of the submission


    How should files be submitted?

    • File should be attached using the Browse My Computer button and not the text editor. This enables you to easily attach multiple files to your submission.
    • The text editor should be used to link to any online content: a Prezi, a YouTube video or a Kaltura video etc.

    How do I submit a video?

    If you need to submit using the Learn.UQ Kaltura service:

    If you need to submit a video hosted on an external service like YouTube or Vimeo:

    • For YouTube you can use the Mashups button in the text editor 
    • For vimeo you can use the hyperlink button to link to the video