• A headset with a microphone (audio jack or USB connection).
    • If the headset with microphone has a switch halfway along the cord, check that it is not switched off.
    • If using a headset with microphone that has jack connection, ensure the jack is plugged into the correct outlet on your computer.
  • A webcam, if there isn't an existing one built into your laptop (optional)

Before the meeting

  • Test your webcam. Refer to the Test your video guide or video (YouTube, 1m 3s).  
  • Test your audio. Refer to the Test your audio guide or video (YouTube, 1m 3s).  
    • Check that the volume on your computer is not muted.
    • Check that the computer master volume is up at an acceptable level.
    • Check the microphone volume is at an acceptable level by going to Control Panel > Sound > Recording (PC) OR Settings > Sound > Input (Mac).

Joining the meeting

  • If you receive the Zoom message "This meeting is for authorized attendees only" the meeting may be restricted to UQ Zoom accounts only. For step-by-step instructions on joining the meeting with your UQ Zoom account, refer to the ITS troubleshooting guide. 

During the meeting 

Request to speak

  • Raise your hand to speak by clicking on the Raise Hand reaction. Refer to the Raise your hand to speak guide. 
  • Turn on your microphone by clicking on the Unmute button. 

Once you have finished speaking

  • Turn off your microphone by clicking on the Mute button. 
  • Lower your hand by clicking on the Lower Hand reaction. Refer to the Raise your hand to speak guide. 

Ask a question via the chat

Further help

If you are still having trouble with Zoom, please contact AskUs.