Your Course Coordinator may ask you to use reactions to raise your hand to speak or react to a particular question anytime throughout a Zoom meeting.

  1. Click on the Reactions button to view the available reactions.


Raise your hand to speak

  1. Click on the Raise Hand reaction.

yes reaction

  1. The Raise Hand icon will appear next to your name and your Course Coordinator will be notified.

raise hand icon

  1. Click on the Unmute button to speak once your Course Coordinator has indicated you can do so.

Tip: You can also hold the Spacebar on your keyboard to temporarily unmute your microphone.


  1. Click on the Mute button once you have finished speaking.
  2. Click on the Lower Hand reaction.

Note: The Raise Hand reaction will stay active until either you or the host selects Lower Hand

mute and lower hand

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React to a question or statement

    Default reactions

    Note: The Yes, No, Slow down or Speed up reactions will stay active until you either toggle them off or the host clears them. All other reactions will only stay active for 10 secs.

    1. To respond, click on a reaction (i.e. Yes, No, Slow down or Speed up) to apply it. 

    yes reaction

    1. Any applied reactions will appear next to your name.

    yes reaction next to name

    1. To remove the reaction, click on the same reaction again.

    Note: Your Course Coordinator may clear all reactions at any time. 

    click on reaction again

    Additional reactions

    Note: These additional reactions will only stay active for 10 secs.

    1. Optionally, click on the more button to view additional reactions.

    yes reaction

    1. You will then have a range of additional reactions available to select.

    more reactions

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