Note: If you have used an ePortfolio in your program / discipline in the last 12 months, you already have an ePortfolio account to create additional personal professional style ePortfolios. Otherwise you will need to complete the below steps to setup your account.

  1. Log into the Learn.UQ Welcome page.
  2. Click on the Institution Page in the left hand menu.
  3. Click on the my ePortfolio account setup located under the useful links section. 
  4. Click on on the Submit button.
  5. Click on the OK button.
  6. Click on the 'my ePortfolio' account setup and renewal link.
  7. Accept the user agreement.

Warning: If using the ePortfolio in your program / discipline for assessment you must access the ePortfolio through the relevant links in your course. Using the links provided in your course creates the connection between the UQ ePortfolio and Blackboard to ensure your results are returned to My Grades.

Note: Your account will need to be renewed every 12 months by repeating the above steps.

Note: Ongoing access to your 'my ePortfolio' should be via the my ePortfolio link in the left-hand panel of the Learn.UQ Welcome page. You only need to use the my ePortfolio account setup Blackboard course to setup and renew your ePortfolio account.