If you have an on-campus invigilated exam in Inspera, you will be required to use Safe Exam Browser (SEB) to complete the exam. SEB runs on your device and when you start your exam it secures your workstation and restricts access to unauthorised applications, websites and resources.

Prepare for your exam by downloading the latest Inspera version of SEB and doing the Inspera Safe Exam Browser preparation.

SEB also restricts access to accessibility programs such as screen readers. Contact your Diversity, Disability and Inclusion Adviser for assistance if you have alternative exam arrangements and require access to special software.


SEB does not send any personal information to any centralised server and is not connected to any web analytics, user tracking or clickstream analytics service. Refer to the Safe Exam Browser Privacy Statement for more information.

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For your exam to function in SEB, it first needs to be launched from your web browser. We recommend you have:

  • Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browsers. Make sure your browser is updated to the latest version.
  • The latest version of your operating system, though some earlier versions are supported: Windows 7, 8.1/8.2, 10; macOS 10.12 and newer.
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Download and install SEB

Download the latest Inspera version of SEB from the Inspera link below prior to your exam so you are ready on your exam day:

Download Safe Exam Browser

Note: It is important that you download SEB from this Inspera link to ensure you have the latest version that is compatible with Inspera exams. If you download SEB from elsewhere online, it may not work with your exam.

Contact AskUs if you experience any difficulties.

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Access Inspera Safe Exam Browser preparation

If you have an on-campus invigilated exam in Inspera, you will be required to use SEB to complete the exam.

Do the Inspera Safe Exam Browser preparation to familiarise yourself with SEB:

  1. Go to Inspera Assessment
  2. Click Log in with UQ Authenticate. Log in with your UQ username and password
  3. Click the Demo tests tab, then select the Click here to get ready button
  4. Read the demo test instructions
  5. Click Start test in Safe Exam Browser when you are ready to close other programs and start the demo test.
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Prepare for your exam

To prepare for using SEB for your on-campus invigilated exams in Inspera:


  • If you have not already done so, review the Inspera Safe Exam Browser preparation. Instructions on how to access it are available in the previous section.
  • Complete any other practice opportunities that have been provided by your course teaching team.

Your exam

  • Memorise your UQ Authenticate password, if you do not already know it. Do not rely on the ‘autofill’ function on your computer, as you will need to type your password if you are moved to a backup laptop at some point during your exam.
  • Review the Exam information provided by your teaching team (e.g., in your course site) that will describe exam day conditions, duration, permitted materials, etc).
  • Pack any other permitted materials listed on your Exam Information Sheet. If you have Alternative Exam Arrangements, relevant extra permitted materials will be listed on your Personal Exam Timetable.

Your laptop

  • Save the Inspera Assessment link to your browser.
  • Check your laptop is set to connect to UQ Wifi or Eduroam using your UQ login.
  • Ensure that your device is fully charged.
    • Also remember to pack your power cable and bring it to your exam. However, depending on exam and seating locations, there may be limited access to power points. Unless you have been told that a spot near a power point has been reserved for you, do not expect to have access to power on exam day.
    • If you are experiencing battery issues and there are no powered spots available for you, a backup laptop will be provided.
  • Remove any USB-connected devices (including wired or wireless mice) from your laptop. No accessories are permitted under exam conditions for security purposes. Note: if you have Alternative Exam Arrangements regarding USB-connected devices, these will be accommodated
  • Close any programs running on your computer (even if they are running in the background). These can interfere with SEB and may disrupt your exam experience on the day. They will also drain your battery faster.
  • Log any other users out of your computer. If you use a Mac and have multiple Apple IDs or family sharing, ensure that everyone else is logged out of all applications when you close them and out of the computer.
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Diversity, disability and inclusion

Contact a Diversity, Disability, and Inclusion Adviser to discuss the accessibility options for using SEB for on-campus invigilated exams in Inspera.

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Get support

Contact AskUs for technical support for any issues you experience.

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