Entering a broad topic in Library Search often reveals lots of results. 

Use the filters on the right to refine your search to the exact information you want.

UQ Library Search facets


Narrow your results using filters

To include: click on a filter name.
To exclude: click the exclude icon which appears when you hover over the filter name.

Selecting a filter here usually reduces the other options because, for example, something is not usually a book AND a newspaper article.

To view all the filter options, click Show More under the list.

Removing an applied filter

You will see the Active filters you’ve chosen along the top of the panel. You can deselect each by clicking on the “X”. Doing so will return those types of items to your total results list.

Most popular filters

These are the most popular ways of refining your results so they are grouped together at the top for easy access.

  • Physical items: Physical format items that are held by the Library.
  • Peer reviewed journalsWhat is peer-reviewed? Note that not every article in a journal is necessarily peer reviewed.
  • Available online: Items that can be accessed entirely online.
  • Currently available in the Library: Physical items that are available to be borrowed or viewed. Some items, such as Fryer Library and Warehouse material, need to be requested.
  • Open Access: Research outputs which are free of cost and available online.

Sort your results

A list of results can be sorted in the following ways:

  • Relevance (default): ranked by the Library Search software algorithms
  • Date-newest: the most recently published items at the top
  • Date-oldest: the oldest published items at the top
  • Author: A-Z by surname of first author
  • Title: Sorts with special characters first (eg. -, +, $), then numbers, then letters A-Z. Ignores "The" and "A" as first words.

Expand your results

By default, Library Search only shows articles we have in full text. Tick the Include results not available online option to also see:

  • articles that we may only have in print, and
  • items that aren’t available in UQ Library.

You can request these items via document delivery.