If you are having difficulties accessing Library resources or experience an issue in Library Search, you can try the following suggestions:

  • Navigate to the resource via Library Search and make sure you are logged in before clicking links
  • Refresh your browser
  • Clear your browser cache and cookies, see How do I clear my browser history (including cookies and cache)?  This is particularly useful for resolving 4xx errors, such as 400 Bad Request, 429 Too Many Requests, and 431 Request Header Too Large
  • Close all tabs and windows of your browser, and open a fresh session
  • Try another browser, such as Chrome if you have been using Firefox
  • Use incognito mode (Chrome) or a private window (Firefox)
  • Use the UQ VPN if off-campus: VPN (virtual private network)
    • You can also try navigating directly to the resource without an ezproxied URL, while the UQ VPN is active
  • Check for other pathways to access the resource
    • In Library Search results, look for Access PDF and Access HTML links
    • Open the Library Search record to see if there are more View It links to try
    • In the online source platform, look for options such as EPUB, if the PDF isn't working

You can also:

  • Check for alert banners across the top of Library Search, for known current issues
  • Let us know by using the Report a problem button in the Library Search record
  • Ask us for help