Your search results page has many features to help you explore your topic further and discover related content.

Related reading 

After selecting an item from your search results, you can see detailed information on the item. In many cases there will be a list of related resources recommended on the right side of the panel.

Related reading panel
Library Search Related reading panel.

Simply click on a related item's title to open that item, including navigation directly to the full text where available.


Citation trail links
Library Search Citation Path.

Some items will have a citing this and/or cited in this button in the full detail screen.

  • Citing this will list works that cite this article, which can give insight into how future research may have been influenced by it.
  • Cited by will list articles that this article cites, which may give insight into the foundations of this work.

The citations are from CrossRef and may not be complete. Always refer to the actual article for the full list of cited references.

You can keep following the path for each listed result which includes the citation icons.

Citation path

When logged in, the Citations display may also include links through to more complete lists in Scopus and Web of Science, for additional resources which have cited the article

Citations display, including citing this and cited in this link to Citation path, as well as links to SciVerse Scopus and Web of Science
Citation links, including Citation path and external sources

Virtual browse

When your result has a Library of Congress call number, the full record display will show additional resources related by subject.

Virtual browse interface
Library Search Virtual browse.

Use the left and right arrows to navigate the virtual shelf.