Your search results page has many features to help you explore your topic further and discover related content.

Result tabs 

Various details and actions are available in the tabs. Some tabs only show on some types of items.

Details: Contains Subjects. The Subjects link you to additional resources on related topics. An item may list several subjects if it covers several topics, and you can select to explore what is most relevant to your research.

Links to items with the same subject are under "Details"

Times cited: Shows how many times this article has been cited and links you to these articles in Web of Science or Scopus. (Displays on articles, only if you are logged in.)

Recommendations: Suggests other relevant articles you may be interested in. The recommendations are based on what other people who looked at this item also looked at. (Displays on articles.)

Recommendations tab example

Virtual browse: Displays a virtual bookshelf and you can browse through related items that have a call number. (Displays on books, physical items and ebooks that have a call number.)


Citations & Cited by

Some items will have a Citations and/or Cited by button:

Citations will list some articles that the current article has in its reference list.

Cited by will list some articles that cite the current article in their reference list.

The lists shown are not complete and should only be used as a quick way to find related material. Always refer to the actual article for the full list of cited references.