Use Database search to find databases available via UQ Library.

Databases are searchable collections of resources, with content targeting specific subject areas or covering a range of subjects.

Use Searching in databases to learn more about databases and how to search them effectively.

Database Search landing page
Database search interface: find databases by keyword search, via an A-Z list or discover databases by category (subject area and recommended resources).

Ways to search

Search box

Use the search to find Databases by keyword, by any search term in the record

Example Database title search
Example search for "PubMed" database.
Click Available online to go to the database.
Click the database title to open the database details.

A to Z list

Use the A to Z list to find Databases by the initial letter of the title

Database Search by A to Z example
Databases starting with the letter "N" from the A-Z list. 20 titles match this filter.

Databases by category

Use the Databases by category list for:

Database Search by category
Databases by category with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies category selected. 13 databases match this category.