Learn.UQ tests, or quizzes, are online assessment. Your instructor may set a Learn.UQ test for your mid-semester exam, or a weekly test as a progress indicator or revision task.

2. Before you start

Your instructor will set the rules of the assessment. Ensure that you understand the rules and are prepared to sit the test under these conditions.

Always talk to your instructor or tutor if you have questions or concerns.

  • You usually only get one attempt at a test. Make sure you allocate enough time
  • Have a clock or timer nearby so you know how much time you have left. Your pop-up blocker may prevent the Learn.UQ countdown timer from displaying on your screen

Prepare for success

Do not leave your test/quiz until the last minute. If you experience technical problems there won't be enough time to resolve the issue.

Minimise errors and distractions:

  • Close other computer applications which may impact on your concentration or the performance of your computer. This includes Facebook, iTunes, YouTube or other browsers where you are logged into Learn.UQ
  • Maximise your browser window so a page refresh doesn't lock you out