Learn.UQ tests, or quizzes, are online assessment. Your instructor may set a Learn.UQ test for your mid-semester exam, or a weekly test as a progress indicator or revision task.

1. Quiz information

Question types include:

  • Multiple choice and Multiple answer
  • True / False and Either / Or
  • Matching and Ordering
  • Calculated numeric and Calculated formulas
  • Short answer and Essay
  • File response
  • Fill in the blanks or Fill in multiple blanks
  • Jumbled sentence
  • Hot spot

Tests can be presented:

  • All questions on one page
  • One question per page
    You may be prevented from returning to previous questions.

You can expect:

  • Questions to be randomly drawn from a large pool of possible questions
  • For multiple choice answers to be randomised within your questions
    These settings aim to make your test unique and prevent cheating.