Learn.UQ tests, or quizzes, are online assessment. Your instructor may set a Learn.UQ test for your mid-semester exam, or a weekly test as a progress indicator or revision task.

5. Troubleshooting

  • If you lose your connection while taking a quiz, leave the Learn.UQ window open while you reconnect to the Internet. You may be able to finish the quiz once you are back online
  • For a prolonged outage - document the problem, as described below, and contact your instructor as soon as possible.

Document the problem

If you receive an error message write down the exact message. Note the time/date of the problem, which web browser you used, exactly what you were doing at the time and any other relevant details.

Contact your instructor

If you quiz is being used as an exam, e.g. mid-semester or as a general assessment item, your instructor will have a procedure for managing technical difficulties.

This may be:

  • a phone number you can ring
  • an e-mail address

For best results:

  • ensure you are aware of the procedure
  • be mindful of what you are doing and have notes of the problem you have experienced
  • act promptly to resolve the problem