Learn.UQ tests, or quizzes, are online assessment. Your instructor may set a Learn.UQ test for your mid-semester exam, or a weekly test as a progress indicator or revision task.

4. During the test/quiz

Click the Begin button once only

The quiz may take a few moments to load and if you click multiple times you may receive a message saying you have already taken the quiz after which you will be locked out.

Be mindful of the mouse and keyboard

  • Do not use the Browser's Back/Forward buttons or the Back/Forward buttons on your mouse
  • Do not press the Backspace key, on the keyboard, except when deleting something in a text box
  • If using a mouse with a scroll button, or function, be careful that you are scrolling up and down the page rather than adjusting your answers
  • Click the Save button every few minutes to save all your answers and ensure your connection is still active

Prior to submission

  • Keep your eye on the timer and be ready to submit before you're out of time.
  • Check over your answers one final time to be sure none of them were changed accidentally
  • We recommend you keep a copy of your answers in case you experience technical difficulties. You can electronically copy extended answers but may need to write down multiple choice, true false, matching questions etc.

To submit

Click Submit once only. You will receive a confirmation screen once your assessment is submitted successfully.