What is Turnitin PeerMark?

Turnitin PeerMark is a peer assessment tool that allows students to review and provide feedback on assignments that were submitted by their peers. Students review the assignments they have been assigned, answering the free response and likert scale questions. On the PeerMark assignment post date, students can view the feedback they have received on their own assignment

Submit the Turnitin Assignment

  1. Select Assessment from the course site menu.


  1. Select the required Turnitin Assignment folder.

assignment folder

  1. Select View/Complete for the required Turnitin assignment.
  2. Submit your Turnitin assignment for peer review.

Note: Refer to the Submit your assignment guide for more information.

turnitin submission link

Complete a Peer Review

  1. Select Assessment from the course site menu.
  2. Select the required Turnitin Peer Review folder.

peer review folder

  1. Select View/Complete for the required Turnitin assignment.

peer review assignment

  1. Select the Write Review button.
  2. Select Start review.

write review

  1. In the Questions side panel, enter a text response or select a rating using the radio buttons.


  1. Select anywhere on the paper to add a comment.
  2. Enter your comment in the textbox.
  3. Select the Save button.

add comment

  1. All comments entered will appear in the Comments side panel.
  2. Select the Submit button once you have finished your review.

comments and submit

  1. Select the Return to Assignment Inbox button.

return to inbox

View Peer Feedback

  1. Select the Read Reviews button.

Note: This button will only be available after another student or instructor has reviewed your assignment.

  1. Select either Instructor or Student.

read feedback

  1. You can view question responses in the Questions side panel.


  1. Select the comment icon to view individual comments.
  2. Select the to close the comment.

close comment

  1. You can also view comments in the Comments side panel.


  1. Rate the review using the slider.
  2. Select the Submit button to confirm your slider rating.

rate review

  1. Your submitted rating will be displayed at the top of the page.