The Red Screen error message appears when there is a process running on your device that is prohibited in Inspera Exam Portal (IEP), like having programs running in the background such as Team Viewer, Steam or Zoom. 

Fixing the error 

You will need to exit Inspera Exam Portal and close the process causing interference. 

  1. Close the error message by entering the Invigilator Password and selecting the option to close Inspera Exam Portal. If you are in an exam, a Tech Assistant will need to complete this step. 
  2. Search for prohibited processes by looking for the following: 

a) Disconnecting any external devices connected by USB or HDMI.

b) Show all programs running in the background of the device by pressing: 

  • Windows: Ctrl + Alt + Del 
  • MacOS: Cmd + Opt + Esc 

c) Select any open programs and select Force Quit / End Task (Finder will remain open on MacOS). 

  1. Re-open Inspera Exam Portal .
  2. If you have already commenced your exam prior to receiving a Red Screen of Death, you will need a Tech Assistant to enter the Invigilator Password to re-open your exam.