Safe Exam Browser is a web browser environment to deliver digital assessments safely and securely. The browser temporarily creates a secure workstation by preventing access to unapproved resources such as websites, local files, and system functions during an exam.

If you are completing an on-campus examination using Inspera, you will need to download and install Safe Exam Browser on your personal laptop. If you encounter any issues with Safe Exam Browser, please refer to the Troubleshooting Safe Exam Browser guide or contact AskUs for support.

Note: If you have Alternative Exam Arrangements and require access to hardware or software (such as screen readers and dyslexia font extensions), contact Diversity, Disability and Inclusion to discuss how these technologies can be used in your on-campus examination.

It's your responsibility to complete each of the following steps prior to your exam.

    3. Be prepared on exam day

    On the day of your exam make sure you:

    1. Arrive with a suitable laptop.

    If you have been unable to successfully complete the preparation test on your laptop, contact AskUs for support at least 48 hours prior to your exam. The Library may be able to resolve the issue on your laptop, or they may recommend that you borrow a Library laptop. 

    1. Remove any USB or Bluetooth connected devices (including mice and keyboards). No accessories are permitted unless approved as an Alternative Exam Arrangement. 
    1. Charge your device’s battery to 100%.

    Access to power is not guaranteed in on-campus exams, however you should still bring your power cable. If your battery runs low during your exam, you may be relocated to a powered seat if one is available.  

    1. Memorise your UQ Authenticate password. 

    Do not rely on passwords saved to your device as you may be transferred to a back-up laptop if you experience technological difficulties. 

    1. Follow the remaining instructions in the Be prepared on exam day guide.