Google Scholar searches for scholarly resources including journal articles, theses, eBooks, conference proceedings, court reports and patents.

Use Google Scholar, in addition to Library Search and Databases, to discover:

Ways to get full text

Enable View @ UQ Library link

  1. Go to Google Scholar
  2. Press the Options  menu. Then, select the Settings  cog 
  3. Select Library Links
  4. Search for and select UQ University of Queensland Library – View @ UQ Library
  5. Click Save

Your search results will then show the View @ UQ Library link when access is available via UQ Library.

Resources not available online may display a Get @ UQ Library link within the clickable >> symbol. Use this option to streamline requesting access by document delivery.

Google Scholar prioritises displaying the most stable and direct access using its own algorithm. In some cases, the UQ Library links may be found under All x versions.

Use the UQ Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Install the UQ Virtual Private Network to use Google Scholar more easily from home. 

Students located in China can use the GlobalProtect VPN.

Access Google Scholar via the Library

If you get an "Access denied" message when trying to access Google Scholar, you can try to access Google Scholar via the Library (UQ login required).