Google Scholar searches for scholarly resources including journal articles, theses, eBooks, conference proceedings, court reports and patents.

Use Google Scholar, in addition to Library Search and Databases, to discover:

Ways to get full text

Enable View @ UQ Library link

  1. Go to Google Scholar
  2. Click on the Settings cog  
  3. Click on Library Links
  4. Search for and select UQ University of Queensland Library – View @ UQ Library
  5. Click Save

Your search results will then show the View @ UQ Library link when access is available via UQ Library.

Use the UQ Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Install the UQ Virtual Private Network to use Google Scholar more easily from home.

    When to use Google Scholar

    Google Scholar is a simple way to search for scholarly literature on your topic. The content is sourced from academic publishers, professional societies, preprint and digital repositories, universities and scholarly organisations.

    It is good for:

    • Getting an overview of scholarly research on a topic
    • Finding open access publications such as government reports
    • Identifying authors and journals connected with your subject
    • Finding related articles on a topic

    Search beyond Google Scholar

    For comprehensive searches, literature reviews and particular types of materials, you should search beyond Google Scholar.

    Finding particular types of resources

    Google Scholar has limited options to focus your search. To find different types of resources try:

    Comprehensive searches & literature reviews

    When performing an exhaustive search, include Databases in your search strategy. Try:

    Searching Google Scholar

    Google Scholar advanced search

    Click Advanced search in the the side menu to get options to: 

    • Find words in the title only – if you are getting too many results
    • Return articles from particular authors or journals
    • Choose years to search


    Find other relevant results

    When you find a good result click on Related articles or Cited by to see other results that might be good for your topic.

    Set up an email alert 

    Get notified when new results that match your search are found by Google Scholar.

    1. Run your search
    2. Click on Create alert
    3. Enter your email to get emails when new results in Google Scholar match your search.

    Get more Search tips from Google Scholar, including searching by author, title or date.

    Export results to EndNote referencing software

    You can set an option to export the citations you find to EndNote referencing software.

    Set up export to EndNote

    1. Click on the Settings cog 
    2. Under Bibliography manager select Show links to import citations
    3. Choose EndNote from the drop-down
    4. Click Save

    Run your search, then click on Import into EndNote to save the citation.

    Export mutiple references to EndNote

    Note: You must be signed into a Google account to use this feature.

    1. Run your search
    2. Click the star icon on each result you want to export 
    3. Click My library on the Google Scholar page to see the list of results you selected 

    1. Select the results to export
    2. Click the Export icon and choose EndNote