Improve how you find information, from quick tips for common search problems to comprehensive techniques for finding relevant, high quality resources.

Quick ways to improve your search

We can help when you:

  Don't know where to start

  Have too many results

  Can't find enough relevant results

  Need peer reviewed / scholarly / specific sources

See our quick search tips for common search problems.


Comprehensive techniques for better search results

Plan your search

Plan your search to find more results that are relevant for your assignments and research.

Make sure you understand the topic and identify keywords and phrases that will give you relevant results.

Where and how to search

You may need to use different systems and methods to find the information you need.

Choose where to search and how to focus your search to find the right resources.

Find everything on your topic

Learn advanced methods for finding as much as you can on your topic for theses, systematic reviews and in-depth research.



Evaluate the quality and reliability of your results to make sure they are suitable for use in your assignments or research.

Confirm it's scholarly and reliable before citing it.

Contact your librarian

Get expert help to enable you to quickly and efficiently:

  • Find scholarly or peer-reviewed references for your assignments
  • Identify the most relevant or high quality results on your topic
  • Decide where to search or whether you have searched enough