Searching for academic materials for an assignment or research topic may require more than just searching Google.

You may need:

  • different types of scholarly materials, not just websites
  • high quality information, from reputable sources
  • to evaluate and analyse the materials you find

Guides to improve your search techniques

Planning your search
Create a search strategy to find relevant results for your assignments and research.

Searching in databases
Use common search techniques in databases to quickly find relevant results in specific subject and research areas.

Search by type of information
Find particular types of information, including theses, patents, standards, statistics and more.

Advanced and comprehensive searching
Systematic review techniques, finding who has cited a reference and setting up research alerts.

Improve your search results
Finding journal articles, including peer-reviewed, and searching the web effectively.

Evaluate information you find
Check the quality and reliability of information including web pages.

Using eBooks
Accessing, downloading, reading and printing eBooks.