As a UQ student or staff member, you can access most Library resources off-campus wherever you have internet access. Licensing conditions for a few databases state that you need to be on-campus or within the Library.

You can easily and seamlessly access UQ Library's online resources off-campus by:

  • logging in to the Library
  • using the EZproxy widget
  • setting up Google Scholar

UQ Alumni: See Services for alumni for resources available off-campus with a current Alumni Library membership.

Why off-campus access is different

When you're on campus, many databases and publishers recognise that you're on the UQ network and give you access without you needing to log in.

If you're off-campus and not logged in, databases and publishers don't recognise that you're from UQ and that you should have access.

Most reliable access is via the Library website

  • We've set up the Library website so that you can log in from anywhere to access resources
  • Log in before you search to see all results and to access online resources

If you hit a paywall

If you follow a link from a search engine, website, email or social media, you might be prompted to log in or pay to view the document. The Library may have this document in its collection and you can access it via:

Option 1

You can paste the DOI or the URL below to access the article as a UQ staff or student.

Option 2

Use Library Search to search for and access the resource - this will give you link/s to access available resources, or request options if the resource is not currently available.

Access full text directly from Google Scholar

You can setup your Google Scholar preferences to show the link View @ UQ Library on your search results. This will give you direct access to online articles when you are off-campus. You can also use the Get @ UQ Library option to streamline requesting by document delivery.

Google Scholar does not index all resources, so try Library Search if you don’t find it in Google Scholar.

Sharing links with other UQ students and staff

See Linking to resources in courses for how to share links that will work off-campus for UQ students and staff.