These strategies will help you to get ready and avoid issues during your online exams.

Check your IT set up

Online supervised (invigilated) exams

Check what you need to do to prepare before the online supervised (invigilated) exam. Also read the ProctorU FAQs.

All online exams

Access to exam systems


  1. You can access Learn.UQ (Blackboard) and ProctorU (if needed), and your usernames and passwords are correct
  2. Your browser is compatible and updated to the latest version. Recommended browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
  3. All non-essential browser extensions are disabled, especially javascript blockers

Your computer and equipment


  1. That your operating system and software are up to date. Run any updates in advance
  2. All antivirus security and firewalls are set to default settings
  3. Your laptop and any other devices (e.g. keyboard, mouse, camera or docks) are connected properly and have sufficient power. If possible, check if your location will have a scheduled power outage before you schedule your exam
  4. Your internet is stable -
    1. If you have access to a wired internet connection use it, as wired internet connections tend to be more stable
    2. If you have mobile data, practice switching before the exam as a backup option if you lose your connection.

Read Tests and quizzes carefully for more tips about what to do before you start and during the exam.

Online exam technical support for students

Check our Contact Us page for the opening hours of our technical support for issues you may experience with your exams.

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Access the Library resources you need

Prepare early

Prepare for open book exams

Be aware of possible access limitations on eBooks and other Library resources.

Number of users

Check the number of users who can access an eBook, database or other Library resource at the same time. If the number of users isn’t unlimited then you may not be able to access the resource during your exam, as others will need to access it at the same time.

Click Show License on the Library Search detailed search result to see the Concurrent User information that will show Unlimited or the user limit number.

eBook downloads

From the Library Search result go to the eBook on the provider's website to check:

  1. How many pages you can download or print from an eBook
  2. Whether downloads will expire.

Learn more about using eBooks.

Other issues

Access to electronic Library resources is generally very reliable, but technical issues can occur.

When discussing exam adjustments with your Diversity, Disability and Inclusion Adviser, check that you have considered access to eBooks.

For more help, contact AskUs on chat, by phone, or send us a question and we'll get back to you

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