If you have an on-campus invigilated exam in Inspera, you will be required to use Safe Exam Browser (SEB) to complete the exam. SEB “holds” you in Inspera so that only permitted materials are accessible, ensuring academic integrity is maintained for on-campus invigilated exams.

Note: SEB restricts access to accessibility programs such as screen readers and dyslexia font extensions. Contact your Diversity, Disability and Inclusion Adviser for assistance if you have alternative exam arrangements and require access to additional software.

    1. Before your exam

    1. Download the latest version of Safe Exam Browser PRIOR to your exam day:

    Download Safe Exam Browser for Windows

    Download Safe Exam Browser for Mac     

    If the above method did not work, follow the steps below:

    1. Go to the UQ Inspera Assessment page
    2. Log in with your UQ username and password
    3. Click on the Demo tests tab, and select Inspera Safe Exam Browser Preparation.
    4. Scroll down to I don't have Safe Exam Browser installed and click on Download.

    safe exam browser download

    Note: It is important that you download SEB from this Inspera link to ensure you have the version that is compatible with Inspera exams. 

    1. Do the Inspera Safe Exam Browser Preparation check to familiarise yourself with SEB:

    1.    Go to uqi.inspera.com.
    2.    Log in with your UQ username and password.
    3.    Click on the Demo tests tab, and select Inspera Safe Exam Browser Preparation.
    4.    Read the demo test instructions and make note of any passwords you will need to use.
    5.    Click Start test in Safe Exam Browser when you are ready to close other programs and start the demo test.

    1. Get support if required:
    1.  If you have been allocated extra time in Inspera, you will be able to view the extra time on the Inspera dashboard.

    inspera dashboard

    Exam start time: The date/time you can commence your assessment.
    Standard end time: The date/time the assessment closes. 
    Standard time limit: This is the standard exam duration (as per the ECP) including planning time. If you have extra time, this is not included in the standard time limit.
    Extra time: The amount of extra time you will have to complete your assessment if you have an Alternative Exam Arrangement. This is a combination of your extra working and rest time.
    Adjusted end time: The date/time your assessment will close for you personally, including any approved extra time.

    1. Different time zones: 

    If you are located outside of Australia, you may be scheduled to commence your exam at a different time.

    In Inspera:

    • the end time shown will be consistent with your scheduled end time, but
    • the start time shown may be earlier than your scheduled start time.

    The standard time limit will still apply. Be sure to allow yourself sufficient time to complete the exam before the end time.


    • The end time is 10:10AM
    • Your time limit is 2 hours and 10 minutes.
    • You should commence your exam no later than 8:00AM.

    time zones

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    2. On Exam Day

    1. Log other Users out of your computer
      • If you use a Mac and have multiple Apple IDs or family sharing, ensure that everyone else is logged out of all applications when you close them and out of the computer.
    2. Memorise your UQ Authenticate password
      • Do not rely on the ‘autofill’ function on your computer, as you will need to type your password if you are moved to a backup laptop at some point during your exam.
    3. Bring your nominated device for Multi-Factor Authorisation when you log in.
    4. Connect to UQ Wifi using your UQ login.
    5. Charge your device and remember to pack your power cable
    6. Remove any USB-connected devices
      • No accessories are permitted under exam conditions for security purposes (this includes wired or wireless mice). 
      • If you have Alternative Exam Arrangements regarding USB-connected devices, these will be accommodated.
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