Important: Safe Exam Browser is being replaced with Inspera Exam Portal in Semester 2, 2023 for on-campus exams. If you sat an on-campus Inspera exam prior to this semester, you will need to uninstall Safe Exam Browser, and download and install Inspera Exam Portal for your Semester 2 on-campus exams.

Inspera Exam Portal is a web browser environment to deliver digital assessments safely and securely. The browser temporarily creates a secure workstation by preventing access to unapproved resources such as websites, local files, and system functions during an exam.

If you are completing an on-campus examination using Inspera, you will need to download and install Inspera Exam Portal on your personal laptop.

At least one week prior to your exam

  1. Check that your laptop meets the minimum requirements for Inspera Exam Portal.  If you do not own a suitable laptop, you can borrow one from the Library.
  2. Download and Install Inspera Exam Portal.
  3. Test Inspera Exam Portal on your laptop.
  • Log into using your UQ Authenticate username and password
  • Scroll to Do you have a Test Code?
  • Click Register
  • Enter the Test Code: QPD-160534723
  • Open the Inspera Exam Portal application on your computer and follow the prompts
  • At the Select Test screen, choose Inspera Exam Portal Preparation (ON-CAMPUS STUDENTS)
  1. If you have Alternative Exam Arrangements and require access to hardware or software (such as screen readers and dyslexia font extensions), contact Diversity, Disability and Inclusion to discuss how these technologies can be used in your on-campus examination.

If you experience difficulties using Inspera Exam Portal on your device, see Troubleshooting Inspera Exam Portal guide for some solutions to common problems. If you are still experiencing difficulties, contact AskUs for support.

Exam Day Checklist

You should commence these tasks at least 1 hour before your scheduled exam time to ensure you are ready to start your exam on time.

  1. Ensure you have downloaded Inspera Exam Portal and tested it on your device.
  2. Charge your device’s battery to 100%.
  3. Pack your power cable.
  4. Log any other users out of your computer.
  • If you use a Mac and have multiple Apple IDs or family sharing, ensure that everyone else is logged out of all applications when you close them and out of the computer.
  1. Bring your Multi-Factor Authentication device to log in using your UQ username.
  2. Memorise your UQ Authenticate password.
  • Do not rely on passwords saved to your device as you may be transferred to a back-up laptop if you experience technological difficulties.
  1. Remove any USB or Bluetooth connected devices
  • No accessories are permitted under standard exam conditions for security purposes (this includes wired or wireless mice). 
  • If you have Alternative Exam Arrangements regarding USB-connected devices, these will be accommodated.
  1. Ensure you have gathered any permitted materials listed on your Exam Information Sheet. If you have Alternative Exam Arrangements, relevant extra permitted materials will be listed on your Personal Exam Timetable.
  2. Close any programs running on your computer (even if they are running in the background). These can interfere with Inspera Exam Portal and may disrupt your exam experience on the day. They will also drain your battery faster if you are relying on battery power.
  • MacOS users, it is recommended that you disable Siri prior to running Inspera Exam Portal, using the instructions below:

(a)    Launch System Preferences from your dock or menu bar
(b)    Find and select Siri in the menu
(c)    On the left, under Siri, deselect the check from Enable Ask Siri. This will turn off Siri completely.
(d)    Please also ensure the Dictate IM function is not activated.


Sitting your exam 

Please see additional information about the Inspera Exam Portal on-campus experience