1. Download the latest version of Inspera Exam Portal by clicking the link below: 

Download Inspera Exam Portal (IEP)

  1. Locate the setup bundle on your device and double click to install and follow the prompts. 

For MacOS, you will see the window below. Drag the Inspera Exam Portal icon into the Applications folder.

Off-campus students: See additional instructions to prepare your MacOS device to run Inspera Exam Portal.

  1. Test that Inspera Exam Portal works on your device by following the instructions under the At least one week prior to your exam section at the following pages: 

If you experience any difficulties, you can find solutions to common problems under Troubleshooting Inspera Exam Portal. If the issue persists, contact AskUs for support. 

Note: You must have administrator rights on your computer to install and run Inspera Exam Portal. If you are using your own computer, it is likely that you already have these privileges. If you are borrowing a device that does not already have Inspera Exam Portal installed, then you are not likely to be an administrator and will need to speak with the owner of the device about installing this additional piece of software. 

System Requirements 

  • Supported Operating Systems 
    • Windows: 8, 10 or 11 on 64-bit platforms 
    • MacOS: Big Sur (version 11) and higher 
  • CPUs newer than 2011 (Intel Sandy Bridge or newer - Inspera will check this for you. Both Intel and M1 processors are supported on Mac devices.) 
  • A single monitor only (Inspera will not allow any additional monitors to be connected) 
  • A broadband Internet connection with a minimum upload speed of 0.15Mbps 

Additional system requirements for students sitting their exams off campus

  • At least 500MB of free hard drive space 
  • Web camera (internal or external) 
  • Microphone (internal or external).

Warning: Inspera Exam Portal does not run on Google Chromebooks, tablets, mobile phones or machines running Linux.