Important: Safe Exam Browser is being replaced with Inspera Exam Portal in Semester 2, 2023 for on-campus exams. If you sat an on-campus Inspera exam prior to this semester, you will need download and install Inspera Exam Portal for your Semester 2 on-campus exams.

Inspera Exam Portal is a web browser environment to deliver digital assessments safely and securely. The browser temporarily creates a secure workstation by preventing access to unapproved resources such as websites, local files, and system functions during a timed assessment (e.g. exam). 

If you are completing an assessment that requires Inspera Exam Portal (e.g. an on-campus or off-campus invigilated examination using Inspera), you will need to download and install Inspera Exam Portal on your personal device. 

Please refer to the pages below for specific advice regarding on-campus and off-campus assessments using Inspera Exam Portal.  

Using Inspera Exam Portal for on-campus exams 

Using Inspera Exam Portal for off-campus exams