TurningPoint allows you to answer questions in a lecture or tutorial on a web-enabled device. i.e. laptop, tablet or phone.

1. How to use TurningPoint

Voting app or website

You can respond to TurningPoint questions from your teacher:

  • In a browser
  • Using the TurningPoint app (free on the Apple App store/Google Play)
    • Enter the Region East Asia when prompted
    • Note: If you have previously installed the ResponseWare app prior to 2017 we recommend that you uninstall it and reinstall it.

Session ID

Enter the Session ID displayed on the lecture PowerPoint.

Optional, if requested, enter your details:

  • your First Name and Last Name are optional
  • enter your student number (e.g. s1234567) as your User ID
  • enter you email address in the format s1234567@student.uq.edu.au

example participant information


Click Join

When polling opens submit your response.

The results will be displayed by your course coordinator on the screen.

The results may also be displayed on your device: