Wikis are made up of editable pages:

  • update and save wiki pages to make a change
  • the wiki keeps track of all the changes

Your instructor may use a wiki to manage documentation related to group work. Your instructor can view updates made to the page or rollback a page to a previous version.

Using your wiki

The wiki main page is probably managed by your instructor.

Navigating the wiki

Navigate to other pages using the summary box. They will be listed under the wiki homepage in a tree.

View page history

  1. Click the arrow next to a page name in the Wiki details box
  2. Click History

 Pages can be compared with previous versions. Your instructor can modify your page versions or edit any content as necessary.

Summary box page history

Create Wiki page

Follow any instructions regarding the use of the course Wiki from your instructor. Always keep the content appropriate.

On the wiki page:

  1. Click Create Wiki Page
  2. Add a page name
  3. Add and format content using the Learn.UQ text editor
  4. Click Submit

There is no drafting feature as wiki pages work by being edited and published.

Edit a wiki page

Click on your wiki page link under Wiki Details
You should have a legitimate reason to edit

Click the Edit Wiki Content button

  • Update the page using the text editor
  • Click Submit to save a new version of the page

Link wiki pages

Wiki pages can be linked together to associate related content. When creating or editing a Wiki page:

Click the Link to Wiki page tool in the text editor

  • Select a Wiki Page Link from the drop down menu
  • Optionally rename the link text
  • Click Submit

Your link will be viewable in the text editor but will not be active until the page is saved.
Use the Preview button in the editor to look at your page before you submit.

Comment on pages

Navigate to a page in the Wiki by clicking the page title in Wiki details.

  • Click the Comments button
  • Type your comment and click Add

View my Contribution

You can view your contribution marks (for assessable items) through the My Contribution area.

Click the My Contribution button on your wiki.

Each students contributions to the wiki are represented by Words Modified and Page Saves.