The Text editor enables you to enter and format text within your course Discussion Board, Blogs, Wikis, Blackboard Assignments and Tests and Surveys. 

Work with the Learn.UQ Text Editor

Change which editor tools display

Simple view

The minimal set of tools for basic formatting.

Simple editor view.

Advanced view

The complete set of tools including the equation editor and various insertion tools for rich media.

Advanced view with 3 dots circled.

Switch views

  • Click on the 3 dots (...) button to switch to the advanced view.
  • Click on the 3 dots (...) button to switch to the basic view.

Editor settings

Resize the editor

  • Click the Fullscreen button to work in full screen.

Fullscreen button circled.

Change the input language

The input language adjusts the dictionary the editor uses for spell checking. This feature is sticky and will persist in subsequent logins.

  • Click the Spell Check arrow button
  • Change the input language to UK English

Spell check down arrow and English United Kingdom circled.

Basic help

Click the Help button (an ? icon) to get a listing of handy shortcuts and keyboard navigation.

Help button (?) circled

Preview your content

Use the Preview icon (an eye icon) to test hyperlinks and media inclusions that are not active while you are editing.

Preview button circled.