Access your Collaboration Space and Portfolio

  1. Enter into the ePortfolio via the link in your Learn.UQ course.
  2. Click on Menu > Work > Collaboration.
  3. Access your groups Collaboration Space.
  4. Access the Workspace Portfolio from either the Home page or the Workspace Portfolio page.

Download your Portfolio as a PDF

  1. From the Portfolio page click on the Download as a PDF button (Download as a PDF button).
  2. Select your desired save location.
  3. Click the Save button.

Further details are available in the Download Portfolio as PDF guide by Chalk&Wire.

Create Share URL

  1. From the Portfolio page click on Share this Page.
  2. Ensure that Entire Portfolio is selected from the Share drop down box.
  3. Click Generate Share URL button.
  4. Copy the entire Share URL that has been generated.

Further details are available in the Share Portfolio via Secure URL guide by Chalk&Wire.

Submit your PDF and Share URL to Learn.UQ Assignment

  1. Navigate back to your course in Learn.UQ.
  2. Locate the Assignment Submission link in your course.
  3. Click on Assignment Submission link.
  4. Use the Drag and Drop box or the Browse My Computer button to attach the PDF copy of your groups Portfolio.
  5. Click on the Write Submission button.
  6. Paste your Share URL into the textbox.
  7. Click the Submit button.
  8. A warning screen will appear advising that you are submitting for the whole group, click the OK button.

Further details are available in the Blackboard assignments guide.

Video guide

ePortfolio Collaboration Submission (YouTube, 3m 30s)