The ePortfolio Collaboration Workspace contains seven menu tabs found across the top of the workspace. You will find a brief overview of each menu tab below:

Home page

The Workspace Homepage is broken up into 5 Sections:

  1. Portfolios – This is the list of your groups portfolio’s as a group you should only create ONE portfolio. We will be creating this shortly.
  2. Recent Activity – this will display the recent activity that has occurred in your workspace over the last 24 hours.
  3. Discussions – This will give you an overview of how many workspace discussions are running and how many unread posts you are yet to view.
  4. Latest Reply – Shows you the latest discussion reply.
  5. Workspace Members – shows you how many members and guests are in your workspace as well as the name of the Workspace Creator

Workspace Portfolios

This page will show you a list of the portfolios that have been created in your Workspace along with a Create New Portfolio button.

File Library

The File Library page is broken up into 2 columns:

  1. Left hand column – Here you will see the folders that belong to both your collaborative space and your personal file library. There is also an Add button, which allows you to add additional sub folders under your collaborative folder.
  2. Right hand column – you will see any files you have uploaded to the selected folder as well as an upload files button and a search bar.

When viewing a file in the file library there are a number of buttons next to the file, these include:

  • Eye icon View artefact  – allows you to view the file (will generally download the file)
  • Padlock icon with a down arrow on it Check Out  – allows you to check out a file so nobody else can touch the file while you work on it.
  • Padlock icon with an up arrow on it Check In - When you Check Out a file, the button will automatically change to the Check In button. When you click on the Check In button you will be presented with an upload window and the option to update the existing instance with this new file. Once the new file is added or if you don't need to upload a new file click on the Check In and Release button.
  • Clock icon with a reverse arrow History – Shows a history of modifications to the file.
  • cloud icon with a down arrow Download – Allows you to download the file.
  • cloud icon with an up arrow Upload replacement file – allows you to upload a file to replace the current file.
  • square box with pencil Rename – Allows you to rename the file.
  • trash can icon Delete – Deletes the file from library.


The History page is broken up into two columns:

  1. History column – shows you a history of actions that have taken place inside the collaboration space. There is also a generate user summary button which allows you to download a PDF copy of a user summary for each member of your group.
  2. Pages and discussions I’m following column – shows you any updates that have occurred on pages you are following in your groups portfolio or any discussions you have chosen to follow.


The discussions page is broken up into 2 sections:

  1. Discussions section – Includes the Start New Discussion button and contains access to any current group discussions that are taking place. Each discussion has a star icon next to it which will indicate if you are following this discussion as well as an indicator of how many unread posts and total posts there is in that discussion.
  2. Page comments – This section will allow you to view any comments made on any of the pages in your group portfolio.


The members page is where you can invite new members to the collaboration space and edit user permissions. You can also see any Page permissions that have been set for the Workspace Portfolio.


The workspace To-Dos section allows members of the group to create To-Do tasks by clicking the New To-Do button and assign these to themselves or other group members. The page allows you to display To-Do tasks in the following ways:

  • All – shows all To-Do tasks
  • Assigned to Me – shows only those tasks that have been assigned to me
  • Created by Me – Shows any To-Dos that were created by me.
  • Incomplete – Shows any incomplete To-Dos.
  • Completed – Shows all To-Dos that have been completed.
  • Project Portfolio – Shows any To-Dos that are related to the groups Portfolio.