Discussion boards allow you to post items for discussion and reply to the posts of others. You may be required to participate in assessable course discussions. 


Discussion boards are organised into Forums, Threads and Messages.

  • Forums organise course discussion by defining appropriate threads of discussion. Forums contain questions or statements called "Threads".
  • Threads of conversation are usually about one thing as defined by the creator of the thread. Users can reply to the original post or to replies by other members of the course.
  • Messages are posted in threads in response to the thread OR in response to another users message in the thread.

Example structure

  • Forum: Discuss the weekly reading
    • Thread: Week 1 Readings
      • Message: "I have a question about the reading this week......"

Work with Discussion Boards

    Group vs Course Discussion Boards

    Your instructor may create course discussion boards where all students in the course have access and can contribute. 

    Your instructor may additionally configure group discussion boards such that only group members and instructors can access the content.

    discussion boards

    Post first boards

    • Require students to create a thread before they can see responses by other students
    • Your instructor may use this feature to ensure that responses to the question under discussion are your own ideas, analysis and reflections before being influenced by the work of others
    • Are often used when the forum or threads of discussion are being marked

    Click Create Thread on a post first discussion board to create a post. Other users posts will be visible once your post is published.

    Tips for writing messages

    Do not use any form of electronic communication, including email or discussion boards etc, to attack members of staff or fellow students:

    1. Make the subject heading specific to the content so that readers can establish if the content is relevant to them. Subjects like "Hi" and "Help me!" are generic and can be frustrating
    2. Message content should be relevant to the subject of the discussion board and thread of conversation. People will appreciate you staying on point
    3. The Learn.UQ text editor contains tools to help you format your content. Make sure your text is easy to read and well formatted