When doing your thesis, a systematic review or in-depth research you may need to conduct comprehensive searches. See our methods for finding as much as you can on your topic.

Advanced literature searching online tutorials
Learn how to conduct advanced literature searches using our online tutorials.

Resources and support for conducting a systematic review:

  1. Systematic reviews guide
    Learn about systematic searching and get your systematic review started.
  2. Systematic searching support
    Get support and advice from your Librarian Team for your project requiring a systematic search.

Cited reference searching
Find articles that cite an article that you have already found. This can lead you to more articles that are relevant to your topic.

Set up research alerts 
Keep up to date with research in your area by setting up alerts. Alerts set up in databases or journals notify you when new results are published. 

Search social media
Search, collect and analyse social media for data to inform your research.

Grey literature
Find information not available via traditional channels of publishing and distribution, such as conference proceedings, government reports and technical reports.

Research data
Find published research data to analyse to inform your own research.