Keep up to date with new research on your topic by setting up alerts. 

Alerts can be in the form of emails or RSS feeds:

  • email alerts  - usually require a personal account in a database or journal
  • RSS, or “Really Simple Syndication”  - used to publish frequently updated digital content, such as blogs, news feeds, journal alerts or podcasts. An RSS reader is required to monitor or download the data. Examples of RSS readers include feedly and FeedReader.

Types of alerts

Saved search alerts

  1. Create a search on your topic in a database.
  2. Look for a save search or create an alert option.

You will receive notification when new articles match your saved search.

Citation alerts

Set up an alert for a particular article or author. 
You will be notified when the article or author is cited in a new article or publication.

Journal Table of Contents alerts

Receive notification when new content is added to the journals in your field. 
JournalTOCS is a large collection of scholarly journal Tables of Contents (TOCs). Select the journals you wish to follow.

Set up alerts in databases or journals

You may need to create a personal account - look for Log in, Sign in or Register options.

Steps for setting up alerts vary in different databases and journals. 
Look for options to:

  • Create an alert
  • Save a search
  • an RSS icon

To find databases or journals:

Not all databases or journals have an alert function.  Check the Help feature in the resource.

Contact the Librarian Team to get further help with setting up alerts.