Learn.UQ (Blackboard)

Every course you enrol in while studying at UQ has an individual course website. UQ uses a learning management system called Learn.UQ to access these course websites. This is where you can access information relevant to your particular course.

Course sites (with at least a welcome message) should be made available to students as early as possible, and at least one week prior to the first teaching activity.

3.80.01 Minimum Presence in Blackboard

You can find:

  • Information about assessments
  • Important announcements
  • Lecture recordings
  • Electronic Course Profile
  • Discussion Board
  • Learning Resources

There are several key components of a course on Learn.UQ, however, course coordinators have the ability to add and customise their own courses. This means that not all courses are identical in Learn.UQ, some may have a lot of areas to explore for content, others not so much. You are encouraged to log into relevant courses as soon as you can, and do so regularly, so that you can keep updated on anything that may be required. 

Key components of Learn.UQ


Announcements act like the welcome screen to your course. This is the first thing you will see upon opening a particular course on Learn.UQ. This is where you will see any news, updates or general messages that lecturers, coordinators, tutors or academics would like you to see and take note of. Any time an announcement is posted, it may be emailed to you.

Screenshot of Announcement screen

Course Profile

The Electronic Course Profile (ECP) is a tool where course designers and coordinators communicate course details. It contains information regarding course descriptions and outcomes, contact details and assessment details such as weighting.

Screenshot of Course Profile screen
Screenshot of Course Profile in Blackboard
Screenshot of Electronic Course Profile
Screenshot of a Course Profile


Learning Resources

Learning Resources gives you access to course material such as lecture slides, lecture recordings, weekly readings, etc. Each course may have different types of resources available in the Learning Resources area.

Screenshot of Learning Resources screen


Learn.UQ assessments can be used for both individual and group assignment submission. You can submit a wide range of file types (word, PDF, PowerPoint, Excel and multimedia) as well as links to web-based items such as Prezi.  Kaltura is the Learn.UQ media server that allows upload of media files such as videos and audio. 

Screenshot of Assessment screen

Discussion Board

The Discussion Board allows you to post items for discussion and reply to the posts of others. You may be required to participate in assessable course discussions. This depends on the course and course coordinator.

Screenshot of Discussion Board screen

For more information, see our Discussion Board help page.


My Grades gives you access to view information (marks) on all assessment items in the Grade Centre. Generally, these would be tests/quizzes and other assignments. Students can only view their own grades.

Screenshot of My Grades screen

Library Links

Library Links is an area of your course blackboard where you can  access the Library website, see course reading lists, access My Library and Library 101.

Screenshot of Library Links screen