If you are undertaking research, you will need to set up persistent digital identifiers that uniquely distinguish you as a researcher and connect you to your research activity. Use ORCID ID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) and other researcher identifiers to:

  • establish your identity as a researcher
  • get credit for your research activity
  • improve your publication workflow
  • draw in accurate data to your UQ eSpace and other profiles, including UQ Researchers and your Individual Activity Profile (IAP).

3. ResearcherID on Publons

ResearcherID uniquely identifies researchers and associates them with their published works. ResearcherID is a valuable addition to your ORCID profile if you have publications indexed in the Web of Science. ResearcherID is now displayed via your Publons profile.

Web of Science Researcher ProfilesPublons has integrated with Web of Science. This page will be updated soon.

Publons allows you to add your publications, track your citations, and manage your Web of Science record. Publons also allows researchers to track, verify and showcase their peer review and editorial contributions for academic journals.

Go to Web of Science ResearcherID on Publons to:

  • log in to ResearcherID on Publons (if you already have a ResearcherID account), or
  • register to join Publons.

It is important that you only ever have one ResearcherID. Search for yourself in Publons before creating one, if you are unsure whether you already have one.

When you register, you are assigned a unique ID and a profile. Add your publications to your Publons profile via the Web of Science database to see citation metrics for publications added to your Publons account. 

Add publications to your Publons profile

Publons does NOT automatically update with new publications, so you need to add publications as soon as they are published to keep your profile up-to-date.

Import from Web of Science

Always add your publications to Publons via Web of Science (if the journal you are published in is indexed by Web of Science). This will provide you with a variety of citation metrics including your h-index and citations per paper, according to Web of Science.

  1. Search for and select your publications in the Web of Science database
  2. Select Claim on Publons - track citations from the drop down Export options
    This publication will be added to your Publons profile

Add publications manually

You can also manually add publications via EndNote RIS, BibTex or CSV file.

Note: Publications added to your Publons profile manually will NOT display metrics and will NOT export to UQ eSpace when linked.

Link your Publons and ORCID accounts

Link your ORCID profile to your Publons account to:

  • pull in all journal articles from your Publons profile to your ORCID record
  • record your peer review activity. Linking your Publons account to your ORCID profile is essential if you are an active peer reviewer. 

To connect your ORCID account on Publons:

  1. Navigate to the Connected Accounts tab of your Account settings
  2. Click Connect for the ORCID option
  3. Log in to your ORCID account with your ORCID credentials.

In Publons, update your Permissions settings to grant permission to update your ORCID works, reviews and profile information.

  1. Scroll to 'ORCID Settings'
  2. Click 'Grant Publons permission to update your ORCID works'.

Peer review and Publons

Publons provides verified credit for peer review without compromising your anonymity or violating journal policies. By default, Publons will show the journal for the review and hide the review content. You can change the Pre-publication review display preferences at any time in your Permission Settings, if required.

You can see your peer review activity from Publons represented on your UQ Author Statistics profile when your ORCID account and Publons account are connected. Your ORCID must also be linked to UQ eSpace for this to happen.

UQ researchers are well-represented on Publons. View University of Queensland researchers on Publons.