We can provide access to free-to-air TV content to support teaching, learning and research at UQ.

Strict copyright regulations apply

  • Television recording is governed by the Screenrights Australian Education Licence.
  • Only UQ academic staff or research higher degree students can request a TV recording.
  • Only UQ students and staff can view TV recordings provided by the Library.

What can be recorded

When requested in advance, content from any free-to-air TV channel can be recorded. The recordings must be for teaching or research purposes.

​Up to 14 days after broadcast: we can obtain content from ABC, ABC Kids/Comedy, ABC ME, SBS, SBS Viceland and NITV. For channels Seven, Nine and Ten we can request recordings that fall between 6am-9am and 5pm-midnight only. We'll make our best effort to obtain recordings from other channels after broadcast but it may not be possible.​

Request a recording

Complete the online form. You'll need to be logged in to the Library.

Request a new TV recording

Recordings made for teaching will be available as a video stream within 10 working days of the broadcast date (we'll email you a link). They will also be added to the Library collection, accessible via Library Search.

Recordings made for research will be supplied as a digital file within 10 working days of the broadcast date.

Access to previously recorded TV programs

TV recordings that have been added to the collection can be discovered using Library Search. See our guide to finding video.

Most recordings are available as streaming video online. Older recordings on DVD or VHS can be requested from the Warehouse.

Recordings on DVD or VHS can be converted to streaming video under certain copyright conditions (section 200AB of the Copyright Act). Anything broadcast after 29 January 1990 can be converted for teaching purposes. Stricter conditions apply to older broadcasts and research purposes. Contact your librarian to discuss conversion.