Mould cleaning in progress

Some of our print collections have been affected by mould, due to the unusually high humidity we’ve experienced recently. We are following best practices for dealing with mould, and have taken precautionary measures to close the affected collections until they can be cleaned.

Library spaces at these locations and our other libraries remain open and we will continue to provide advice and services from these locations to support our students and staffWe apologise for any inconvenience caused. 

Update 26 May - work completed

  • 26 May: Cleaning at Gatton Library is complete.
  • 1 May: Cleaning at Architecture and Music Library is complete.
  • 23 April: Cleaning at the Mater McAuley Library is complete.

Collections closed for cleaning

Print collections at the following locations are closed temporarily for cleaning

  • Architecture and Music Library
  • Gatton Library - 24/7 access to the collection area has been removed at this time. The space will be open during service hours only.
  • Mater McAuley Library

A small number of affected items in Law have been moved to the Architecture and Music Library for cleaning. Some material recently moved from the Architecture and Music Library to the Warehouse was also affected and will be moved to the Gatton Library for cleaning. No other collections are impacted at this time.

Dealing with mould

  • We are working with UQ Property and Facilities, the Health, Safety and Wellness Division, Mater McAuley Hospital, and Gatton Campus staff to deal with the mould and stabilise the environment at these locations.
  • We are following best practice for dealing with mould and have taken precautionary measures to close the affected collections. If the collection remains undisturbed it poses no risk to staff and clients. Please observe signage in place at these locations and do not enter the collections until items have been cleaned. 
  • To remove the mould, we are engaging a special contractor to clean each item and area of the collection. This is a meticulous process and is expected to take several weeks. 
  • During the cleaning process, we will continue to provide advice and services to support you.

More information

We will add progress updates to this blog post, including the date when the print collections are reopened. Please contact us if you would like more information. 

Last updated:
26 May 2020